A authentic water well at Tirisondola near Chiusdino in Tuscany - A photography by Anders Dahl Photography



Tirisondola is an authentic vacation home in the heart of Tuscany in Italy. We are very pleased to used this beautiful space as our base for most of our workshops.

Tirisondola has three vacation apartments on site, so can also provide accommodation for distant workshop participant. And further more, the ceramic tile museum at Tirisondola serve as a combined conference room and photography studio during the workshops.

Mountain road

Tirisondola is located in the south west corner of Tuscany in Italy. It is placed on a hill top in Val di Merse with view to the medieval city of Chiusdino and very close the roofless monastery of San Galgano.

With only 30km to Siena, 90km to Firenze and about 200km north of Rome, Tirisondola is very central located in the quietly countryside.

There is lots of excursion hotspots to see while you are here, so why not combine your workshop with at nice vacation ...


A beautiful vacation house in Tuscany

Want to know more about Tirisondola and maybe spend your summer vacation here ?

Take a look at Tirisondola’s own website

Beautiful view to the La Pergola apartment at Tirisondola - A photography by Anders Dahl Photography